DENISE HANSON:  With a childhood background in dance and over 28 years teaching health and fitness, I have always had a love for movement and activity that was both beautiful and creative.  Yoga for me expresses just that and is as a great balance between gracefulness and better health. For years I thought maybe I will try Yoga, but was I ready? All I had ever seen were photos of pretzel poses and young petite frames from the Yoga world. Even with my background it seemed intimidating to say the least!

    I reluctantly tried my first class with a friend who twisted my arm to go many years ago. To my surprise, I was HOOKED and it did not require the shape of a model or the flexibility of a trapeze artist! Where had this been all my life? WHY had I never tried this? The class was NOT easy, a lot of talk about linking movement to breath which was new for me, but it was exactly what I needed! Hey, we are all a work in progress RIGHT? But, the true surprise was the sense of accomplishment and feeling of finding the missing link to my chaotic life that TRULY needed a sense of calm! In such a whirlwind of balancing family along with job stress, it was just what the doctor ordered! I continued to work on and off the mat to find much needed balance in life. Before I knew it, I was in teacher training for my 200 HR RYT with a true mission to improve the quality of life for those around me!

    Since then I have taken MANY continuing education training's and certifications including Breath Coaching, Personal Training, Yoga In the Christian Walk, and Barre. My preferred approach is on a functional level using gentle postures combined with breath training. I have also trained as an Aromatherapist and have achieved my Diploma in Advanced Level Aromatic Medicine. I continue to mentor under some of the best in Nutrition, Aromatherapy, and Homeopathy to gain more knowledge for myself and those who let me share it with them. My desire is to provide each client a space to find things to ASSIST them in their every day struggle to gain better health and true balance.

    We are in this together! I am here for you each step of the way! Wishing each of you blessings of good health!



    MALINDA DANIEL: One of the most important things in life is the way you connect with people around you, the ones you meet, and the ones you have yet to meet.  I hope to leave with everyone a little piece of my heart, my laughter, my patience, my knowledge, and my gratitude.  I hope to take from you, your friendship.
    Teaching and practicing Yoga has helped me do just that!!!

    I have been practicing yoga, gee for over 15 years at least, my chiropractor had recommended yoga because of my scoliosis and it has greatly helped.

    Graduated from Yoga Teacher training 200hr, Feb 2018 in Vinyasa style. I went through  the training with Merri Beckham from Flip your Dog Yoga Studio out of Gainesville, Ga.  She and Mary Fountain of Intent Yoga, Griffin, Ga.  Offered the program, 2017-2018.
    Member of Yoga Alliance

    Additional workshops:  
    Teaching Experience:

    Intent Yoga, Griffin, Ga, 1 year

    Hands on Wellness, Williamson Ga 2+ years still there

    Atlanta Jewelry Shows
    Taught Chakra and Ayurveda workshops

    • The Chakras
    • Intro to Ashtanga
    • Psoas
    • The Connected Body, Yoga Therapy
    • Spinal Mobility
    • Body Mobility with Noah Maze
    • Currently studying: Intermediate Anatomy and Yoga for Scoliosis 




    BRITTANY WILSON: "I discovered yoga in college when I took it for a gym class.  Having done cheerleading and gymnastics my whole life, there was a great similarity in many of the poses and stretches... only this time they had meaning!  Over time, yoga became an integral part of my life, something I could do at home to wind down, socialize with friends, or escape to a country yoga retreat and decompress. 

    In 2015, I went through some big life changes and began to dive deeper into meditation and a more spiritual side of the yoga practice, deepening my love for it.  I am beyond excited to have gone through a teacher training and to be able to share what I have learned and passion with others.  I hope that everyone knows they can do yoga, all they need is the want to try.   Because of this I specialize in beginner yoga. helping people to slow down, move their body and change the poses as they need for their body.  Breathing is a huge part of my practice and teaching and you'll learn to pay more attention to your breath than you ever thought before!"